2011 SAG Awards

I have been completely underwhelmed this awards season. So much so that I didn't do a post for the Golden Globes. I planned on it...but I just didn't care anymore. From hair, to gowns, to make up I was just left wanting more. However there are some red carpet regulars that never let me down.

Here are my favorites from tonight......and MY personal winners from the red carpet are.....

Hilary Swank
 Hilary Swank looked lovely in her nude gown. Just wish her hair was pulled back just a little more. I don't like when there is an off the shoulder or one shoulder gown just for you to cover it up with your tresses. Move those locks and show that shoulder!

Eva Longoria
 Eva Longoria is always my  number 1 on the red carpet. From hair, to makeup, gown and accessories she is always well put together. There is always continuity in her ensemble and then a surprise pop of color. Although there wasn't a pop of color there was the slight chance of a nip slip on the red carpet forecast.

Kim Kardashian
 Kim Kardashian...Oh Kimmy.....she never lets me down. She looks stunning in Marchesa and I love this wine/burgundy color on her. I was surprised by the nearly naked face but it works. Wish the hair was slightly more controlled but still better than most that showed up.

Sofia Vergara
 Sofia Vergara looked amazing in this cobalt gown. She never leaves anything to the imagination when it comes to curves and cleavage, however I normally don't like her gowns. She tends to look she's always in a cheap prom gown but this time she got it right. Now only if she would do something different with her hair.....

Lea Michele
 Lea Michele looked wonderful in this shimmery gown. Not sure if I'm in love with her hair to compliment the look, but its better than most that were on the red carpet.

Who were  your favorites from the red carpet?

*Peace Love & Couture*

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