Global Grind and Kim K...Have Many Seats!

I woke up this morning to a friend and fellow Bey Stan alerting me that a Global Grind blogger did a post on "5 Things Beyonce Can Learn From Kim K". Now let me say I had literally just opened my eyes and grabbed my phone. I didn't waste time even putting my glasses on or wiping the crust out of my eyes (hey it's allergy season yes I have crust in my eyes) to begin reading the post.

I thought maybe it was just a silly teaser to make people read the post (which it worked) and that there would be valid statements made in a joking manner. To my surprise and sheer disgust, someone actually believed what they wrote.

Let me read this blog post for filth really quick:

1. Beyonce's social media model is just fine. Matter of fact it's quite genius. She is selective about what she posts, and fans and stans alike are eager and patient to see what she is going to give us next. The posts are honest, genuine, and not dollar driven.

2. I don't know any parent that is going to take parenting advice from someone who doesn't have any children and simply swallows them. She has her mother and sister for that. Get out of here. More importantly, how is Kim supposed to school Bey on paparazzi when Kim INVITES the paparazzi wherever she goes. Never been shy of camera time but hey that's how we knew who she was in the beginning anyway.

3. Bey doesn't need to capitalize off of everything. You know what she capitalizes off of?!? HER TALENT. Last time I checked Kim doesn't have that. Is Kim a beautiful girl. Yes, no one can take that from her. Does she market her ass off. Yes, no one can take that from her either. But her business model has nothing to do with talent. Again...have a seat.

4. Bey is a grown ass woman with an amazing voice. If she wants to partake in her glass of red wine on Sundays when she has pizza or pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate yet another amazing point in her career or her husband's then so be it. While Kim may lead a "sober life" I'm instantly reminded of her being pissy drunk on her reality show. Trying to think of when I saw Beyonce drunk in public....don't worry...I'll wait.

5. This article couldn't even give you a 5th reason why Bey should take hints from Kim. It said give your own. Well let me tell you why this article is pure t-rash. Jay said it best "But really the fact is, we not in the same bracket. Not in the same league, don't shoot at the same baskets. Don't pay the same taxes, hang with the same bitches"

Anyone who believes any of the statements from the article can dive face first into a pool of bleach with their eyes open (in the words of the almighty Kid Fury). I like Kim for what she's worth (which isn't much more than a pretty face and a nice body) but this was absolutely stupid.

So Global Grind can have a seat. I believe there are 5500 of them in the Ovation theater in Revel where she will be performing in 14 days. Hmph! In Beysus name, Slaymen. #killerbey

Candice Olivia

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