Elle Doing Women of Color a Favor?

If you follow me on Twitter you know that last night I was a bit upset and ranting about some egregious marketing acts made by ELLE magazine. I was scrolling through my instagram timeline and came across this:

I was immediately furious and couldn't believe their company signed off on something like this. While it was not written out, it basically said "We're going to give you a discount on our magazine because you're black and we need more black readers." You can tell me I'm reading too far into this, and I'll tell you jump off a cliff.

If ELLE wants more women of color to read their publication, then maybe they should publish things that more women of color are interested in. I think that would be the ground zero. I feel that they are also implying that women of color aren't reading ELLE because maybe they can't afford it. Why offer such a discount to persuade them to join.

I think the move was in poor taste. While I understand the magazine wanting to cater to and attract more women of color (as they should) it wasn't the most thought out and calculated move and is very offensive to me.

I can only speak for myself. I'm offended by the gesture. What do you think? Am I overreacting? Share your thoughts.

Candice Olivia


LX said...

I almost N double A-C-Peed myself

socialitedreams said...

wow...start having black cover models more than once a decade and maybe black women would want to read the magazine. if they don't want to support us IN the magazine why should we SUPPORT the magazine with money?