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A few months back I recieved some samples from Miss Jessie's in my Birchbox. I never used them until now because I was wearing a weave. Now that I'm weave free, I decided to give the products a chance. I haven't had a relaxer in about two months, my natural curl pattern is peeking its way through at the roots and in the back and I'm not mad at it.

It's beach and pool season for me and unlike most of my friends I really swim and get my hair wet. No I don't melt and shrivel up like the wicked witch of the west. I wanted to use some products that were specific to curly/wavy hair so I was excited to give them a try. My thoughts on each product are detailed below.


Description: The Best Darn Detangling Shampoo. Period. The First Lady of Curls has more goodies in her bag. Gotta have suds? Miss Jessie’s is giving it to you with her triple slip, extra detangling moisturizing formula. After popular demand Miss Jessie’s™ is excited to introduce her new ultra soft detangling shampoo, Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo™! This soft, lathering shampoo is excellent for every type of hair in need of a good super moisturizing cleansing! Whether you’re naturally curly, kinky, wavy, straight, relaxed, color processed or chemically treated Miss Jessie’s™ Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo™ was made especially for you. Excellent for our non-sulfate curlies who use Crème de la Curl and want a sudsy option from time to time. Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo™ a super concentrated formula adds shine and manageability to hair without weighing it down or leaving behind residue. It removes product build-up and dirt while detangling knots and leaving hair slickety, slippery smooth and shiny!! It also restores a healthy balance to the scalp—essential for encouraging hair growth and vitality. The enticing green apple scent makes it a yummy addition to your daily shower regimen!

My Thoughts: I wasn't keen on the fragrance but to each his/her own. While I did find the formula to be very sudsy, I found that it felt better in my hands than it did on my hair. My hair felt very dry after using it and that's not something I particularly like. I didn't think too much of it and proceeded to apply the conditioner. I didn't know that it was supposed to be a detangler as well which I find shocking because one of my major issues is that it didn't detangle at all.


Description: Finally this ultra-creamy super rich conditioner for your natural, dehydrated, naturally curly, color and chemically treated hair and scalp Crème de la crème moisturizes, protects and detangles dry hair like nothing else. It eliminates tangled strands and leaves hair slickety smooth. Crème de la crème restores moisture balance to your hair and scalp. A softening conditioner, crème de la crème allows you to retain all your natural hair growth by banishing dry and brittle strands forever. Experience this creamy luxury. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CHEMICALLY ALTERING Crème De La Curl Cleansing creme has a thicker consistency than our Crème De La Creme daily conditioner.
My Thoughts: The conditioner isn't as thick as I thought it would be or prefer. It was easier to detangle my hair however once it was applied. I left it in for a few minutes before I rinsed it out. I feel like it restored some shine and softness to my hair, but only because the shampoo took so much out. The smell was nice but I doubt I'll be using it again.


Description: This potent emulsion packs the punch you need for pogo stick oingy boingy curls. MEDIUM HOLD STYLING CREME. Instructions for use: Apply a palm full of Curly Meringue to damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Rake through large sections and air dry. Great for: Fingerstyling, 2 Strand Twists, Spiral Rod Sets, Relaxed Hair seeking curly styling and Transitioners, Silkeners and Texturizers. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CHEMICALLY ALTERING The must have maintenance product, Baby Buttercreme and Curly Buttercreme, add to hair the day after styling.

My Thoughts: I absolutely loved this product. The curl pattern in the back of my head is amazing. I've never seen this on me before. I used my diffuser to help the drying process. I didn't want to leave the house with my head super wet. Once my hair dried it still looked wet but was dry to the touch. Depending on how much product you use it can look a little crunchy. I suggest mixing a bit of your favorite hair oil with it to soften it just a bit. I just put a bonnet on it or sleep on it uncovered, add a bit of oil if needed the next day and continue that routine until I feel the need to wash it again.


Overall I don't like the products that I used. The shampoo and conditioner aren't for me. I do however really like the Curly Meringue. I'll keep that in my hair aresenal and continue to use it the rest of the summer. I have seen the products at Target if you want to give any of them a try. If you visit their website they also offer free samples, the same size that I recieved in my Birchbox.

Have any of you ladies tried their products? What do you think?

Candice Olivia

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