Product Review: Black Radiance Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner Pen


Brand: Black Radiance
Price: $4
Place of Purchase: CVS
Product Description: Defines eye with a flawlessly clean line. The soft felt tip provides precise contouring in just one stroke. For well defined eyes that last all day, apply a thin delicate line. For a more dramatic look, go bold with a thicker line

I was on the hunt for different eye liners and never tried a felt tip liner. During a trip to CVS for makeup wipes of course I left with more. I picked up the Black Radiance Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner Pen in black.

Initial Thoughts: I will just cut to the chase. This is a horrible product and I would not suggest it to anyone ever. It's not even a shoddy substitute for anything acceptable to use as a liquid liner. The line that it produces is so faint, and what little product comes out you can rub it away with one swipe. If I'm ever going to buy a black liner I want it to be BLACK and very intense for a reason.

I think the only thing I would be able to use this for is if I were to try and create a fake mole on my face (and even that is a stretch). I was completely upset that I wasted my money on such a product. In the trash it goes.

Has anyone ever tried this product before? If so what are your thoughts?

*peace love & couture*
Candice Olivia 

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