Recap: Release Blowdry VIP Grand Opening Reception

Imagine being able to go to a salon with your girls, and all of your friends regardless of hair texture are able to get a MEAN blow out. You're all partaking in a  great ambiance, complimentary drinks with the option of delectable food, out in under 2 hours and you're spending less than $50. Wouldn't that be amazing?!? Well I'm here to tell you that such a place exists, it's Release Blowdry on H Street in Washington DC.

Last Thursday I was invited to a private VIP Grand Opening reception at Release Blowdry hosted by K Street Kate and Paul Wharton of the CW.  At first glance I just thought it was yet another blowdry bar since they seem to be popping up everywhere. Something trendy but I wasn't all too excited. It wasn't until a friend of mine and I were able to have a conversation with one of the owners and she really explained the concept of the salon and all of what they have to offer. It was at this point my eyes began to light up. We thought to ourselves "This is too good to be true". We had a plethora of follow up questions for the owner and she was gracious enough to answer all of them for us.

The drinks were flowing and Holly from Bartendher was amazing. The food catered by Delicioso LLC was more than amazing. The chicken samosas, the coconut crab cakes and the butternut squash soup was to die for. Cake pops that were amazing and a gift bag full of phyto products for my hair (which I love phyto). Of course I was skeptical that the food was only amazing for the event, but I was told by the owner that the same catering company will be used in the salon daily! Located on H Street in NE Washington DC with all the hip bars and pubs, you can even partake in Happy Hour hair promotions where you can get $5-$10 off of services. All while you get complimentary drinks while you're getting your hair done. Can't beat that!

Never have I been to a place that provides you with complimentary products tailored to your hair type and texture, where they also take the time to teach you how to use the products therefore maintaining your hairstyle after you leave. How many times have you gotten a specialized treatment, then you didn't have the products at home to keep it up yourself? Well Release is going to give them to you. I could go on and on for days about this salon and I have yet to sit in a chair there. I just beg you to take a look and give it a chance.

It's truly a place where  you can relax, relate and release. Where else can you get a $35 blowout with complimentary tea, coffee, wine or champagne and pay less than $10 for gourmet food if you'd like.

For a complete list of services and packages visit the Release website at www.releasetheblowdrybar.com

There are living social deals, advantages for connecting on social media via twitter, Facebook and even Instagram! With recent news that my beloved hair stylist is moving to New York in a matter of weeks, this most definitely will be somewhere my girlfriends and I hang out to get our hair done.

*peace love & couture*
Candice Olivia

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