Throwback Thursday: My First MAC Collection Purchase

Unless you're living under a rock or don't care about the business of beauty and all things trendy, you know that MAC debuted Rihanna's "RiRi Woo" lipstick today. My whole entire twitter, facebook and instagram timelines have been inundated with pictures of confirmation emails for purchasing the lipstick.

There is often times a lot of hype, excitement, anticipation and any other overly excited adjective that you can think of when it comes to limited edition MAC collections. A lot of people complain about them and act as if they don't care but still are one of the first online trying to acquire and covet these oh so elusive products. But that shade is for another blog post.

Although I haven't been compelled to purchase many of the MAC collections recently, all of this excitement got me to thinking about the first time I purchased something from a MAC collection. I remember how in awe I was of the packaging and willing to pay whatever the price just to say I had it.

My first collection purchase was from the Icon collection highlighting Diana Ross. How could I pass up on this collection? Such a beautiful icon who is legendary in her own right. I had no intention on purchasing makeup that day. I was walking out the mall and going to my car. I saw the signage and the pink packaging and read the names, and was instantly enamored. I got the "Mountain High" blush (which makes me sing the song in my head every time I say it) and the "Miss Ross" lipstick the perfect pink.

My love for makeup was burgeoning at that time. I can honestly tell you I had no clue what I was doing with makeup. I was young and had the money to buy it, so I did. This was my first blush and lipstick purchase ever. Prior to this I think I only had 2 eye shadows (amber lights and corduroy) and 1 lipglass (instant gold). My how things have changed.

What was your first MAC collection purchase if you've ever made one? I'd love to know!

Candice Olivia

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