Intentional Style Challenge via Style Atelier

Good friend of mine and fellow blogger Shakirah over at Style Atelier is challenging women to be intentional with their style. I too am victim of falling into a rut and not being as stylish as I know I can be. To read all about the Style Atelier Intentional Style Callenge visit the link here.

In short, here is how you can participate in the challenge:

1.Send a picture of your best intentional style outfit to askstyleatelier@gmail.com. It can be anything as long it’s an outfit that makes you feel beautiful.

2. Send a tweet @StyleAtelier, @SharberriStyle, @TB_BeautyStyle, @GraceofHerStyle or instagramming your outfit with the hashtag #IntentionalStyle2013.

They will feature you on the blog with your Twitter or Instagram handle. Remember, this isn’t about vanity. This is about embracing and owning your personal style.

Hope you ladies join in on the fun!
Candice Olivia

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