MUA Series: Client Do's and Dont's

I know I said many of my new posts may be rants, but I don't want this to come off as such. When reading anything below, please don't take it in a negative way, but just as a helpful guideline as a client to a makeup artist.

I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining and don't love what I do. I absolutely love doing makeup; transforming faces, replacing frowns with smiles and hearing the "WOW" and "OMG" from clients. There is nothing more rewarding than changing someones day with a little bit of face painting. With that being said, there are often times as an artist you have experiences or run-ins with clients that make you want to put your brushes down forever.

As an artist there are a ton of pet peeves that I have, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I know for a fact I'm not alone because I have had conversations with other artists. However, not to sound like a nag, I just made a quick list of client do's and dont's.

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  • Be on time: In this line of work time is literally money. I am respecting the client's time by being early or on time, and I expect the client to have equal respect for my time. I absolutely hate being late, and often times I have other engagements that I can't be late to. 15 minutes can ruin an entire day of appointments. Not only does this destroy my schedule, it can destroy a relationship and future business with other clients. I come to your home to make it convenient for you, but convenience doesn't mean you can relax and take your time. You're paying for an appointment and that appointment has a time frame. Please respect that. 
  • Have a clean face: Don't have the artist wasting time cleaning your face or any residue from old makeup. You're wasting time and that is of the essence. I would also like to see just a freshly washed face, nothing on it so I can properly assess your skin. 
  • Provide space: You know you have an artist coming to your home/venue to do your makeup, and it never occurred to you that they would need a clean space with ample light to apply your makeup? I'm just going to let you dwell on that one. 
  • Focus: I'm here only to do your makeup. You're there to just sit there and get your makeup done. Don't get up and eat. If you're thirsty please sip through a straw, otherwise your glass and hand are in the way. I'm not on the phone as I paint your face, so unless it's urgent please refrain from calls or have an earpiece in. If the artist stopped to take phone calls, or eat, or do anything personal during your time you'd be pretty upset. I can assure you, artists are upset when clients do such things.
  • Get lashes applied before the appointment: I personally include lashes with my services (I can't speak for anyone else) but there is a reason that lashes are applied at the end. The type of lash that is used for a given look depends on a number of things: desired look, eye shape, etc. You may have chosen the wrong type of lash with the look you have requested, it may be too much for your face, but most importantly they're in the way! I now have to worry about product falling all over the lashes (so I hope you don't plan on wearing them again) and did I already say this, they're in the way!
  • Get eyebrows threaded or waxed the same day as appointment: Your skin will be raw and exposed and should not have any product applied to them directly after being waxed or threaded. 
  • Offer the artist alcohol in the middle of an appointment: We may be friends, you and your friends may all be having a good time, but while I'm working I'm working. I'm not going to drink alcohol in the middle of an appointment. In most cases drinking on the job is frowned upon. Now I MIGHT partake in a glass when I'm done, but not before then.

Candice Olivia

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