Candice Olivia Beauty: Twinsational Washington Naturals

While I've been gone and not blogging the past few years, I have had the chance to work on some pretty amazing projects, have even more amazing clients, sit and be on some super duper amazing sets. I'm going to start sharing more of my work and different projects that I've been involved in.

One of my favorites most recently was work I did for a set of twins Mercy and Nyasha. I met them through a mutual friend and of course we hit it off. When they needed their makeup done for a shoot a couple of weeks later I couldn't wait to touch their beautiful faces. I'm just glad my face was beat when I met them so that they trusted my abilities lol.

The star of the show was my old faithful Black Opal foundation sticks that I honestly had not used in years but decided to bring them back out that day. It was that very moment why I remembered why I loved them so much and how amazing they are on women of color. I kept it natural on the eyes and the cheeks and added a wispie lash (which are my absolute favorite).

I had no idea what the shoot was for when the requested my services, but knew they had to look flawlessly natural. Maybe a couple of weeks later I get a text "Hey girl, we're on ESSENCE!". As an artist there is nothing like seeing your work translate on film. Turns out they were a part of Washington Naturals shoot shot by photographer LaVan Anderson. To see the full shoot/spread on ESSENCE click here.

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