3 Ways To Get Your Life

Every woman has something that she's known for, and some things that she can't live without that make her feel like her sexy super powers are taken to the next level. It can be her fragrance, a particular pair of shoes, or a certain dress. For me, my essentials are a little bit different, and when these powers combine, you can't tell me ANYTHING. So I thought that I would share them with you

Here are 3 of the easiest ways that you can get ALL of your life.


You have to have amazing hair. And who doesn't feel 100 times more amazing when their hair is laid. For me, I have to have a bang to flip, and immaculate layers. Nothing like amazing layers that have the right movement to slay everything when that wind hits you or you swing your head. I don't care if you have a pixie, a chin length bob, or bundles down your back. Layers are life. I encourage you to find an amazing stylist and invest in a good cut. Not at style, but a good cut. A great cut may not be cheap, but it will do you a world of good. Trust me, I know.


I'm absolutely obsessed with lashes and how they can really change your look. Whether you're layering your favorite mascara concoction or just popping on a pair of strips, they're truly amazing, and photograph so well!If you missed my post on some of my favorite mascaras, click here.


Finding the perfect lip color(s) are equally as important as the previously mentioned life getters. (Yes I said life getters. Deal with it). Having the perfect pout ups the ante to any look. Matte, gloss, nude or vampy, a statement lip can seal the deal. Get that Cupid's bow popping. Expertly line that lip, and give them something to talk about.


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